Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something Blue

I picked up Something Blue about five minutes after I finished Nights in Rodanthe. Perhaps that's why this book didn't seem so bad; it's also possible that it seemed decent simply by comparison to its dreadful, soul-sucking prequel, Something Borrowed.

Something Blue picks up immediately after Something Borrowed leaves off, from the perspective of Darcy, the evil, well-groomed* best friend from the last book. Please be warned: any spoilers left unspoiled from the previous book will be ruined here.**

At the end of Borrowed, it's revealed that while Darcy's charmer of a fiancé was cheating on her with her best friend, Rachel the Doormat, Darcy was cheating on him in turn with his friend Marcus. (With me so far? Don't really care? I so don't blame you.) We get some background on their affair, find out that Darcy is pregnant, and then see Darcy and Marcus break up. See Darcy and Marcus fight! See Darcy cry. See Darcy go to London and get with her old friend Ethan. See Darcy have twins! See Darcy learn that love is more important than money. See me vomit! See Emily Giffin make another half million dollars with a sequel!

Seriously, though, Something Blue is about a hundred times better than the first. It's also written in the past tense. Coincidence? I think not. I was going to give this book two stars, but let's go ahead and give it two and a half for the tense change. I believe in rewarding slightly less awful behavior.

* In chick lit, these two attributes are practically synonymous.

** And I feel about as guilty as I would if I walked up and spat in your dish of rotten eggs in crap sauce.

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