Thursday, April 12, 2012

Star Ratings on This Blog

A quick note about star ratings on this blog: they are entirely subjective, obviously, and not even necessarily internally consistent. However, the general guidelines are below.

Below one star: Trash.

One star: Filled with hatred.

Two stars: Indifferent.

Three stars: Good.

Four stars: Very good.

Five stars: Unicorns carrying gifts of Belgian chocolate and single-malt Scotch leapt out of a supernova when I read this.

Most importantly, when I give something a within-genre star rating and an overall star rating, no disrespect is meant to the genre in question. In fact, I may have higher genre standards in some cases. But I don't like comparing apples and oranges, and a solidly entertaining space opera probably shouldn't be judged on the same criteria as a solidly entertaining 19th century English mill-town drama.

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